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agricoltori di coop sin fronteras

In more than ten years of work Cooperativas sin Fronteras has shortened the distances between producer organizations and users and achieved a solid nexus for the establishment of fair and direct commercial relationships between buyers of the world and Latin American producers.

As a result of this work the cooperatives Prodecoop and Cooproca of Nicaragua, Norandino of Peru and La Alianza and APPTA of Costa Rica sustain a solid commercial alliance with the Italian organic food company Alce Nero. This commercial relationship, based on quality and mutual confidence has aided us in forging a new identity in the European market with the line of products Agricoltori de Coop Sin Fronteras. That means organic chocolates, raw cane sugar, juices and coffees that Alce Nero acquires, processes and commercializes respecting the identity of these coops, the country of origin of the products and above all generating added value at the products origin.
This commercial alliance has also brought us distinct recognition of quality of our products on the behalf of other entities such as the supermarket chain COOP of Italy.

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Producto Alce Nero, elaborado por Norandino from Natalia López Espinoza on Vimeo.

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