Tailin sweetens the italian market


San Jose, 04 may (CSF).- The whole organic Peruvian cane sugar produced by small producers from the village of Tailin in Montero, Piura was released in Italy in late April.

The whole organic cane sugar (panela) from Norandino small-scale farmers was recognized in 2015 as a Peruvian Presidium product for the world by the International Slow Food Foundation. 

The distribution and commercialization of Tailin Presidium whole cane sugar in Italy is thanks to Alce Nero organic food company, who together with the Norandino Cooperative and Cooperatives Without Borders International promoted the nomination of the product to the Slow Food Foundation.

The President of Alce Nero, Lucio Cavazzoni, said that Panela Presidium from Tailin is the result of a synergy between different realities, united by the same philosophy and principles of quality food. He added that through the guarantee of a quality product one can accomplish virtuous projects that promote social and economic change. With the release in Italy of the Tailin Panela, the producers of small communities will have new opportunities for development of a market at a suitable price as well as the opportunity to be known far beyond the borders of Peru.


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A Presidium or Bulwark is a product whose organoleptic properties and quality characteristics are intimately linked to a territory, and to the culture and identity of those who produce it, or to the know-how and knowledge transmitted among its producers.  

The community of Tailin is located in the district of Montero in the hills of the Ayabaca province in the Piura Region. Tailin panela is produced by 12 families united by the Association of small-scale producers of Peru (APPAGROP) of the Norandino cooperative; however, its commercialization benefits indirectly another 50 families from the village. These farming families grow above 1,500 meters above sea level and have an average of one to three hectares in production.


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Before obtaining the Presidium product certificate, the farmers of Tailin processed their panela for organic and fair trade markets in Italy, France and Canada along with 700 other associate producers of Norandino in Montero.  But today, the impetus of Alce Nero to investigate panela’s benefits as a Presidium product means a new market and a new appreciation of their rural identity and territory. Now, Tailin is an interesting place for buyers around the world, as well as a source of pride for its inhabitants.

For more than ten years Alce Nero and Cooperatives Without Borders have worked together to promote the development of new products in order to diversify the offer of the producer organizations of Without Borders and improve their participation in the marketplace.

The Presidium product certification recognizes that the farmers from Tailin share the philosophy of Slow Food International of good, clean and fair food that promotes biodiversity, the local gastronomic tradition and the defense of Tailin panela.

Panela Presidium of Tailin package of 500 grams can be purchased via the web shop of Alce Nero or on-site at Norandino where the product is sold locally.

nl / 05.05.17

translated by Jesse Trace