INTO THE SHADOWS.- Together with citrus fruits, avocados, jocotes, and bananas, the coffee beans grow on family farms of the La Alianza and AFAORCA associations, pioneers in terms of certificated organic coffee cultivation and fair trade in Costa Rica.

Translated by Sarah Noras.

Minor: This is a Multiple cropping farm. We have coffee, jocote, banana, avocado and citric fruits. There are different kinds of products that we harvest during all the year, which they produce an income.

Eladio: Coffee was the most important activity in order to make a living

Minor: We are in “Los Bobos Organic Farm”, in Jocotal Abajo. “Los Bobos” has been a sustainable farm during 20 years. We have four hectares dedicated to organic certified coffee, but all the farm is over 30 hectares. The rest of hectares  are in the process of natural regeneration.

Look at the difference,  this is the way that we harvest.

Well,I am gathering  the coffee beans,the ones that are red, this means that they are ripe, which it is going to give us a better coffee quality. In general coffee is a crop that needs a greatly amount of sun in order to take advantage of its whole productivity.  In a higher demand and a increased production, is going to cause the use of chemicals. But,in organic agriculture the goal is to find a sustainable environmental balance.

Coffee needs to be harvested and delivered the same day,in order to have a excellent quality,if not, the final product could be damaged. This way we can avoid a bad fermentation or a bad taste.

I have always loved  agriculture, but a different one, one that is reasonable and intelligent. Thinking that the earth is not ours,the ones who own it are future generations, and we are just managing it for a period of time. So that´s why we have to take care of it, to deliver it better than how we received it. 

La Alianza association and Association of Organic Families from the Caraigres Hills, AFAORCA. Producing the best certified organic and fair trade coffee for over 31 years. Together we can do more.

Translated By Débora Solís