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CSF I San José 18th Jun 2019



A weight team will boost renewed Cooperativas Sin Fronteras


Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Internacional (Cooperatives Without Boarders International) initiated a new work cycle, renewed its team of professionals and its operational strategy facing new times.

The renewed Cooperativas Sin Fronteras brings a new management strategy, better adapted to the situation and needs of producers and hand in hand with an interdisciplinary team of professionals and wight figures.

The position of President of Cooperatives Without Borders resides now in the figure of the Peruvian Santiago Paz, Manager of the Norandino Cooperative. Recognized internationally for his links with ethical buyers in the world and for his struggles in favor of small-scale agriculture and fair trade. Santiago Paz said that the new strategy pursues the strengthening of producers in the markets, their better positioning in the chain and the maximum development of added value possible, without losing sight of the social, economic and environmental demands that unite the world producers , as well as the defense and promotion of peasant agriculture, agroecology as the only sustainable model and biodiversity.

“We are going to work hard in order to raise a common front – from South to North – in favorof these prerogatives and in open opposition to the monoculture industry”.

The renewed Cooperatives Without Borders has the challenge of looking for a different route and the path for the sustainability of the partners, empowering markets and cooperatives with entrepreneurial capacity, hence Adriano Martins Da Silva was appointed International Project Director.

Adriano Martins is co-founder of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, current Director of the Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Brasil Network and member of the National Fair Trade Council of Brazil. Martins da Silva has dedicated his career to strengthening cooperatives in fair markets. He has a long experience in strengthening management and market access and leadership of national and international projects.

In support of Martins, the Costa Rican, Manuel Amador, Agroecology expert and international consultant on market issues and organic agriculture assumed the International Project Management.

Manuel Amador is an agronomist by profession, co-founder of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Intl. Worked as Director of the non-governmental organization CEDECO of Costa Rica and is currently Professor of the Master of Ecological Agriculture of Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA)subir a nota

Amador and Martins will be responsible for reasuming relations with international cooperation agencies in the search for new projects that contribute to the strengthening of producer organizations, their productive capacity, business development and of capabilities, to innovation and technological improvement and access to new channels of marketing and establishment of long-term business relationships.

Also accompanying the team is Natalia López Espinoza from Peru. Natalia is an eexpert in communication, with long experience in radio and written press both in Peru as in Costa Rica; and management of web content and social networks. Also the Costa Rican Cristina Cisneros as a professional accountant and administrative assistant.

The renewed operational structure of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras began to work on July 18th, 2019 after a two-day meeting held by the Board of Directors of Sin Fronteras in the city of San José Costa Rica