Why People Should Buy Biofair Farmers Products

San José, May 9 (CSF).- “Latin America, Asia, and Africa together towards sustainability”, was printed in one of the signs at the biggest fair trade market in Stuttgart Germany. This year Fair Handeln had 92 thousand visitors and 1000 stands. There were also products from overseas that were held by the stand of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland.

Seeds, dry fruits, cocoa beans, and Green to cup cocoa beans from South America were exhibit in a colorful stand. The stand was shared between Cooperativas sin Fronteras Deutschland, Café Chavalo and Kipipeo. This group, stands up for the same oath: the production of biofair farmers agriculture.

Through curious looks and laughs, the coffee was shared between everybody. On the main stage; an organic, Costa Rican producer was discussing coffee production and the impact of small scale production.

Family Agriculture is an important activity, it not only nourish people, but it also benefits the environment and promotes variety and nutritive foods. The farmer, Minor Corrales, explained that Costa Rican producers of organic coffee, cultivate the seed under the shadow of fruit and wooden trees. These help to the diversification of economical producers income, sustainability, and Food sovereignty of small town, soil nourish and ecosystems. “we cultivate under the shadow, this way we protect biodiversity and take care of the environment and the Earth. Big companies do not take into considerations the same thing as us, because they could produce organic, but they do it through monoculture.”

On April, Corrales Gamboa, a director of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, was in the Fair Handeln, supporting the activities of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland. He said: “The fair is an interesting activity, a lot of people who are aware of the necessity of good quality food and fair trade attend to it. We clarify that it is not an activity for making a profit; the idea is to promote, expand the selling and to get new clients and contacts.”

editadaLEFT.- Carolin Callenuis, Hugo Valdés, Bettina Luterbeck and Minor Corrales

Thoughts on Fair Handeln Week

What percentage of food comes from farmers agriculture? Who heads up the commerce of fair trade organic coffee in Germany? With these questions, Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland started the discussion in Fair Handeln. The idea was to create awareness about the dark side of fair trade markets. It can not be possible that low price convenience stores are the ones who controlled the market and earn millions; when farmers from Latinamerica, Asia and Africa are the ones that grow and produced the food and they do not have a Word on the situation. Where is fair trade? This is the big interrogative from the producers of Sin Fronteras.

Fair Trade in Germany is Not That Fair

Even though Germany is considered the biggest coffee consumer of Europe; supermarket chains Lidle or Aldi are promoting low coffee prices, so it is getting difficult for the coffee of Cooperativas sin Fronteras of Germany to get a good selling ranking, said the director of Coop Sin Fronteras Intl.  He explained that they are making big efforts to insert Costa Rican coffee in Germany, but there are many aspects that are complicating it. Also, he mentioned the price for a certified organic, fair trade coffee is very cheap; approximately a kilo of these coffee costs around 9 euros. He said: “I do not understand how they manage to get those prices. Not even in Costa Rica, we are able to have coffee with those rates. I think, this situation with prices it shows that fair trade in Germany is not that fair because they are allowing this condition which is not inclusive with the families of farmers who are coffee producers in Costa Rica and Central America.

Writter by Natalia López

Translated Débora Solís