Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland

Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland (CSF Deutschland) is a commercial enterprise in Stuttgart Germany, established with the aim of creating advantages for its producers, as well as offering comparative price advantages to small and medium-sized processing enterprises that want quality food, traded directly from the source and traceable back to the farmer. 

Our sales office was established in 2017 with the purpose of broadening the participation of organized small scale growers in the marketplace. It is specially adapted to small and medium-sized processing enterprises in Europe, such as coffee roasters and chocolatiers that are interested in direct business relationships with the producers of raw materials. As always, all of our products are produced on farms of small-scale growers and have organic, Fairtrade and SPP (Small Producer Symbol) certificates.


Our branch office in Germany is in charge of the marketing and delivery of our products. The main shareholders of CSF Deutschland are its cooperatives. We import raw materials from our members, contact the customers and supply them according to demand throughout the year. Also, we work closely with logistics companies in Germany that professionally store and send the goods to the interested parties.

We supply small amounts of Oro coffee and up to a half-ton of cocoa beans. Through direct purchases with our member companies, food businesses can differentiate themselves significantly in the marketplace and offer a quality product that is traceable to its origin.

Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland, or Kooperativen ohne Grenzen e.G. in German, expects to meet the growing demand for small coffee roasters, chocolatiers and small distributors seeking comparative advantages in quality, origin and price, benefits that are seldom received from big importers. 

We sell coffee, cacao, honey and organic whole cane sugar from our member associates; The company focuses on the marketing of these raw material and in the future we hope to commercialize more finished products such as cocoa paste.

Small-scale farmers making direct offers in the German market will be increasing the participation of Sin Fronteras in the food market value chain, integrating themselves into the import and distribution phases of their products. This is a competitive advantage over the large importers of raw materials today who are stripped of the added value that is provided by a product’s origin and identity.

The cooperative enterprise was legally established on April 20th in the city of Stuttgart and was registered under the name Kooperativen ohne Grenzen - Cooperativas sin Fronteras e.G. Visit the web site of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Deutschland.