About Cooperativas Sin Fronteras

Once upon a time, an organized group of small-scale producers decided to come together and open a window to the world. They created Cooperativas Sin Fronteras Internacional.

We are an integrated international cooperative made up of 30 associations of Fair Trade and organic producers from 8 countries in Central and South America and the south of Europe.

With producer organizations in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Italy, we produce and commercialize healthy, clean and quality edibles adhering to the organic, agroforestry and biodynamic methods.
At Cooperativas sin Fronteras, we work on the strengthening of our organizations and the improvement of their positioning in the food supply chain market by managing new channels of commercialization and looking to stimulate new avenues of commerce based on fair trade ideals and direct relations between distributors and producers.

In alliance with commercial businesses and consumer cooperatives we commercialize cacao, coffee, sugar, tropical fruits and bee honey in markets in Europe, Japan, The United States and Canada. This alliance provides us the opportunity to add value at the origin with the end of closing the gap between production and consumption.
As part of our mission, we coordinate and support efforts to finance projects that promote the level of transformation of our products, such as improvements in efficiency and quality. We also promote solidarity in the mutual exchange of experience and knowledge between associates

In Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, we share the same criteria of quality of produce, sustainable development and Fair Trade principles as promoted by Slow Food International, the IFOAM and Fair Trade International.

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Find out about what we do, who we are, where we are located, what are our products are, who our commercial allies are and how our business model has improved wellbeing and brought development to our communities and territoires for the last ten years safeguarding our identity and culinary culture and sustaining the biodiversity on the planet.



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