Brazil  Network CSF 

The Network, Cooperativas sin Fronteras Brazil or Rede Cooperativa Sem Fronteras Brasil, in Portuguese, was founded in Montenegro in September 2014 as a strategy to strengthen sustainable agricultural practices and the expansion of the coop sin fronteras model in the 5th biggest country in the world. The political initiative that organizes 17 cooperatives and technical support organizations. In Brazil there are 4,367,000 family owned agricultural ventures, making it imperative to connect our Brazilian associates to our network.

The Network gathers 13,200 family farmers, and 173 sustainable agricultural entreprenuerships. The Board of Directors of Network CSF consists of:

Aparecido Alves de Souza


Leandro Lies Martins


Adriano Silva Martins


Adilson Ribeiro dos Santos


Adriana de Oliveira Rocha


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